The ART of illusion

So you've scouted around looking for the best locations for your short film or movie. But sometimes
the locations you find are either not in your budget or there not how you imagined the location looked
In these types of circumstances one option for the digital film maker is to have a matte painting
made up.
In the years gone by film makers painted by hand onto glass scenes that where then projected with
live action footage to make a seamless image.

Today it is common to make a Digital Matte Painting.
There are many ways to do this, paint using a painting program by hand or use still photos modified,
shaded, lit and composited to make a final image.

Below is such an image which will be used as a main set piece. This Matte is not finished as of yet,
you may have noticed the scene looks empty. This is because the live elements are yet to be
composited into the Matte Plate.